We price each project separately using variables including wall shape, square metres of wall, overall wall lengths, distance for freight and staff travel, accommodation and material delivery costs. Below are some prices that will provide a ball-park figure for your convenience, but for an accurate quote send your local Earth Structures Group member your drawings for a free quote.

Average Rammed Earth Construction pricing

Wall heights 300mm thick per m2 400-450mm thick $ per m2
0 to 3.0m 480 570
3.0 – 4.2m 600 720
4.2 – 6.0m 750 900

Curving add 20% Some useful guidelines for cost-effective design: 1. Long un-interrupted wall shapes are quicker to build than short, fiddly wall shapes and hence much cheaper. 2. Buildings with rammed earth over window and door openings are typically buildable but are slower than standard walls, hence more expensive. 3. Use design effectively to ensure the walls are useful for storage and release of thermal mass. 4. Consult with your local Earth Structures Group member as early as possible in the design process to avoid re-design costs.