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The Earth Structures Group specialise in the construction of rammed earth walls. It's what we do, and we do it really well...

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Over the past 30 years, contemporary rammed earth walls have become a much loved building material for Australian architects who understand its unique thermal and aesthetic benefits. No other walling system offers the same “humble majesty” of these walls (as described by a recent client). In an era of rising concern for our environmental future, rammed earth walling can offer low embodied energy, very high thermal mass and with ISE, our insulated external wall system, high R value as well.


The Earth Structures Group are an independently owned and operated collective of companies sharing rammed earth construction techniques, formwork systems, innovations and a common business philosophy. Since 1992 the Group have been leaders in rammed earth construction throughout Victoria and NSW, as well as many overseas countries. During that time we have built over 920 houses, schools, resorts, wineries, churches, a university campus and even a high security jail.


We build walls for, and consult on rammed earth projects throughout Australia and in Sth Korea, UK, China, Israel and most recently France.


Earth Structures Group members work closely with architects, designers, structural engineers and builders within their areas to provide the most current advice available to help achieve ideal rammed earth construction outcomes. Our advice covers structural design, project scheduling and cost estimates for both residential and commercial buildings.


Please click on the area listed below that best defines where your project will be built. The company responsible for that area will help you with honest, highly experienced and obligation-free help with your rammed earth questions.


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Featured Projects
Below are some recent projects completed by The Earth Structures Group:

Rammed Earth Benefits:

  • Stunning Aesthetics

    Bring bold and natural beauty into a living environment.

  • Lowering Energy Consumption

    Well designed rammed earth buildings reduce heating and cooling costs.

  • Reduced Emissions

    Using significantly less natural resources than fired bricks or concrete walling.

  • High Fire Rating

    Suitable for fire-prone areas with four hour fire rating.

  • Earth Structures Group

    Competent and honest design advice. Renowned service and value throughout the construction of your rammed earth walls.