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Earth Structures Group specialises in the construction of rammed earth walls. It's what we do, and we do it really well...

Over the past 30 years, contemporary rammed earth walls have become a much loved building material for Australian architects who understand its unique thermal and aesthetic benefits.

No other walling system offers the same “humble majesty” of these walls (as described by a recent client). In an era of rising concern for our environmental future, rammed earth walling can offer low embodied energy, very high thermal mass and with ISE, our insulated external wall system, high R value as well.

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Below are some recent projects completed by Earth Structures Group

St Andrews Beach Brewery,
Mornington Peninsula

St Andrews Beach Brewery located on the Mornington Peninsula was transformed from one of Australia's premier horse training facilities. Now it is a culinary destination with a full-scale brewery, cellar door, tasting rooms, bar and indoor plus alfresco areas.

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Bushey Cemetery,

Located in London's Green Belt is one of the UK’s most significant Jewish cemeteries. Situated on 16 acres of natural beauty the Architect ‘Waugh Thistleton Architects’ worked closely with the United Synagogue to build two new prayer halls.

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Over 30 Years of Rammed Earth Experience

1400+ Buildings Worldwide


Be Inspired by the Natural Beauty of Rammed Earth

Why Rammed Earth?

Stunning Aesthetics


Energy Efficiency


Reduced Energy Consumption


Reduced Emissions

A natural living environment that brings serenity, texture, sustainability and beauty to buildings and their residents. Rammed earth is a construction material which is architectural in itself. With the groups experience of over 30 years we work closely with owners and architects to have rammed earth walls constructed to spec. Rammed earth adds form and function to its environment and grounds buildings into their landscape. Building technology in this century calls for sustainability combined with aesthetic appeal. Rammed earth is clearly a material which provides both.

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