About Us

The Earth Structures Group have a simple business philosophy. We love our product, and are very aware these walls are a major part of any building.





Our Business Philosophy

As a nervous architect once said to us, “You can replace a roof, windows, tiles, a kitchen, but you cannot replace solid masonry walls”.


This is so true. The prospect of replacing massive walls is …. not worth considering. In a nutshell, we undertake a very responsible task. We respect the investment our customers are making with us, and we provide the world’s best practice with our construction systems. We follow strict compliance codes set up within our group and are constantly striving to improve our methods.


The Earth Structures Group are recognised as leaders in the industry but we are always on the lookout for better ways to build. We also understand that we service a niche market and we have a responsibility to provide honest and useful advice to architects, engineers, builders and clients. We spend a lot of effort in this regard making sure we impart all the benefits as well as the limitations of the product.


The Group

  • Our group members are dependable, experienced and passionate. We love what we do.
  • We are deeply conscious that our walls are a major investment by our clients.
  • We strive to offer the best advice to architects and engineers to help make the building process efficient and successful.
  • Group members all offer the same high standard of workmanship and advice.
  • Our clients work directly with the group business owner, builder and decision maker. This ensures fast decision making and innovation particular to your project.
  • Our collegiate approach encourages the sharing of ideas between all the group members resulting in a continual improvement of methods and service.
  • We are generous with our advice during the design stages of your building. For us it is an obvious investment in the efficiency and success of your project.